FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use iwantaseat.com?

The last thing any business wants to do is turn customers away. Incorporating a customized booking system into your website will enable more customers to use your services, lead to improved customer experience and increased sales. Ensure you get ahead of your competition and don't miss out on potential customers.

How does it work?

Please view the “How Does It Work” page for further information.

What is an event?

An event is anything that can be booked, this could be a plane, bus or boat journey, a theater show, a restaurant table or anything else that can be booked.

What makes an event viable?

A event becomes viable when it has got enough customers or passengers to fully fund it.

How do I contact my customer to collect payment?

Once an event is made active you will receive notification and can collect payment in the same way as you would for a normal scheduled event.

How much does it cost to incorporate iwantaseat into my site?

We currently offer several competitive packages to fit all budgets. Please see our Pricing page for more details.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Can I terminate my payment subscription with you at any time?

You may cancel at any time, our contract with you is on a rolling 1 month basis. If you decide to leave just contact us and we will cancel your account. Payments are made in advance each month and no refunds can be provided for part month usage.

Are there any contracts or obligations?

Please read our terms & conditions for details. There are no obligations or hidden fees.

How do you invoice us?

We will provide you monthly invoices. The monthly fees will be taken automatically each month via PayPal or direct debit. Any income based fees will be invoiced to you at the end of each calendar month. All invoices appear in the admin section of your iwantaseat site.

I have a large project I need help with. How can you help me?

Simply contact the team here with your details and requirements. We will assess the work involved and offer you a very competitive deal.

I am very happy with the service iwantaseat provide, where can I leave a testimonial?

That's great, simply contact us with your thoughts & experiences of iwantaseat.

I want to know more about iwantaseat.

Click on the About Us page or contact the team with any questions or ideas you may have.

How do I find out about all the latest iwantaseat news and offers?

We update our Twitter account with the latest news, offers and current deals.

Still have a question?

Simply contact the team and we will get back to you.